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Mastering the Dungeon

March 23, 2024 @ venue tba

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D&D at Every Table…

The Greasy Snitches are the premier D&D organizers in the Philippines. We’ve been running tabletop gaming events since 2016. At our core is the strong belief that gaming builds communities, encourages creativity, and fosters inclusivity–which is why we’re committed to building an inclusive gaming community locally.

We run private and live streamed games, panels, seminars, workshops, and How-to-Play D&D events.





Professional Tabletop Event Organizers

Looking for something new? Let the professionals guide you into the world of tabletop gaming.


Unique, immersive gaming experiences tailor-fit for your needs.

Large Scale Events

Immersive and engaging tabletop events to ignite the imagination.

Company Building

Developing soft skills, sharpening problem-solving abilities, and discovering key team strengths.

Private Games

Unforgettable bonding experiences for friends and families.